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Goddess Youniversity Members Club

We’re so excited that you’re thinking of joining us in the Members Club!

What your are going to find inside the Members Club:
~ Members Club welcome gift mailed to you
~ Access to all of the Master Classes
~ Daily Goddess card readings
~ Soulful Talks
~ Workshops
~ Intuitive Art
~ Printable Workbooks
~ Live Goddess Events
~ Meditations
~ Journal Prompts
~ Members extras
~ Goddess Members Club private Facebook group
~ and sooo much more.

The Members Club is an ever evolving resource for your growth and well- being… that is why we are committed  to adding monthly valuable  content that aims to inspire you!

PLUS, You also maintain the same monthly price you joined at for the life of your membership!!!

I look forward to seeing you inside the Members Club!

xx Jeanne