$22.00 / month

Goddess Members Club

Each month, I’ll be going live and giving Goddess Members 90 minutes of Spiritual Coaching. These live sessions will be dedicated to helping you unlock your true passions, heal wounds that are affecting your well-being and connect you to the Heavenly realm for guidance that is meant for your soul’s growth!

This Spiritual Coaching is only one of the things you get as part of your Goddess Membership. You also get:
– Library of Master Classes
– Monthly printable guides
– Daily Goddess card readings
– Soulful Talks
– A community of like-minded women supporting you in your life


– BONUS: A Members Club welcome gift mailed to your home! (while supplies last)

You’ll also always maintain the same monthly price you joined at for the lifetime of your membership!

I look forward to seeing you inside the Members Club!

xx Jeanne