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Heavenly Beings

How to Connect To The Divine

I know it sounds too good to be true, to be able to connect to the Angels.

However, I know it IS true - I do it every day.

But you don’t have to be ‘special’ to connect to Angels and the Divine (but never forget, we are each and every one of us special). With practice and patience, you too can directly receive this beautiful and comforting love and guidance.

Heavenly Beings

There are many different types of Heavenly Beings.

You already know about Angels, anyone who’s heard the Nativity story is familiar with the Archangel Gabriel, and you’ve probably heard of Guardian Angels, but maybe think they’re just something out of a book or movie. ‘Ascended masters’ are another realm of Heavenly Beings, but perhaps one that isn’t mentioned quite as much as the others.

No matter the type of Heavenly Being, each one will help you to bring Divine love into your life and give you Divine guidance.

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