Are you a sensitive soul ? Learn how to manage your energy !

Calling all Empaths & Sensitive Souls

Wouldn’t it be a miracle moment for you if you could learn to work with your energy and have a clear plan for releasing and balancing the chaos you’re constantly picking up?

Not to mention the overwhelm and anxiety that follows you from day to day could finally be transformed into positive energy that could actually work for you rather than against you! 

If you are exhausted and have lost hope of feeling a sense of calm, you are going to LOVE this Master Class!

The Empath Master Class is available June 1, 2018 

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Decoding the Empath:

Empath, this is the gift of clear knowing and emotion. Your senses, intuition, emotions and feeling are heightened.

With the gift of being an Empath you will have one or more heightened senses. It is through these heightened senses that the energy will flow inside your body and you will experience physically what the other person is experiencing.

An Empath has a physical connection to others on an internal level. All empaths are also sensitive souls.

When the gift of being an empah is off balance, you will experience heightened emotions, manipulation, uncontrollable mood swings, and may even experience depression and/or anxiety.

Decoding The Sensitive Soul

Sensitive Soul: This is the gift of compassion. Your sense of feelings and emotions are heightened. The sensitive soul will feel/sense energy through one or more heightened senses on an external level. They will experience the energy in a reactive way on the outside of their body.

When the gift of being a sensitive soul is off balance, you will experience heightened empathy for others, controlling issues, being overly involved in others lives, or cry at the drop of a hat.

Circle Yes or No 

1. If you have experienced the physical effects from another’s pain or suffering as if they are your own or have sensed lower energy in a room without knowing why or where it has come from?

Yes or No

2. If you experience an emotional connection when someone is suffering or in pain as a reaction and  feeling as if you are going through these things yourself, or if you are completely drained when being in a group of people or around lower energy?

Yes or No

3. You know what it is like to take on someones personality?

Yes or No

4. You have seen Spirit, an energy from God, such as an Angel, Jesus, or departed loved one?

Yes or No

5. You see vivid colors when you meditate?

Yes or No

6. You feel physically ill when someone is sick?

Yes or No

7. You cry often and sometimes can’t control your emotions?

Yes or No

8. You can easily change the energy of a person or situation?

Yes or No

Mark a Y for yes for the following that apply to you.

__ You easily pick up others energy?

__ You are aware of energy that is not yours and try and process it?

__ You become overstimulated or overwhelmed easily?

__ You are sensitive to chemicals, alcohol and caffeine?

__ You have a hyperactive, over thinking mind?

__ You have low or high blood sugar?

__ You have chronic fatigue?

__ You have hormone imbalances?

__ You suffer from adrenal fatigue?

__ You suffer from headaches or migraines?

__ Your immune system is low or compromised?

__ You have suffered an emotional trauma in your life?

__ You have had future visions or dreams?

__ You have digestion issues?


___ Total Yes answers

If you have 16 - 22 Yes answers you are an Empath.

If you have 1-15 Yes answers you are a sensitive soul.


Download Your Complimentary Empath Test

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Download Your Complimentary Empath Test

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Hello, I'm Jeanne Street, I'm so happy you are here!

Before I found out that I am Empath, my life was controlled by the energy I was absorbing.

I had a moment when I "knew" there was a reason I was drained, exhausted and confused and I was determined to feel better.

It was the nudges from Spirit and the knowing within me that led me to do the work and reclaim my life back.

Fast forward to today, the healing and success I've experienced  from following the Angels guidance has opened the pathway to helping people across the globe. My life has dramatically changed since taking control of my energy!

I can help you claim your life back:

Because I personally know what it's like to feel other peoples pains, and how to disconnect from them.

I know how to attend crowded events and not feel exhausted.

Best of all I know how to calm the  rollercoaster of emotions and feelings storming within your body!

I would love to share all of this and more to help you... LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!


What you're going to learn in the Empath Master Class

 1.The Difference between the Empath vs The Highly Sensitive Person.

2. How to decipher your energy from another’s

3. My personal tip that will be your saving grace and help you to stand in your personal power!

4. How to clear and balance your energy like a pro!