You Get To Choose 

Right or wrong, sad or not emotions are triggered from feelings of past. Meaningless chatter connecting the dots, leads to an abyss of the days of past.
Nothing’s forgotten.
Happiness recedes like the waves that dance upon the shore, fleeting away… now your balance is gone.
Joy retreats as sadness comes forth, beginning the play of memory recall.
Some truth, some not, forgotten fragments of days of past.
One trigger, one word, one moment in time and in instant your thrown backwards in time.
Years of past forgotten pain awaken in your body, it’s as if they’ve been reborn.
The “you work” you’ve done to let it all go crumbles apart the instant he shows …
Shmego that fear guy comes in twisting your views.
What you do now depends on you.
 Bury the pain down?
Listen to the mind chatter of those past stories ?
Will you fall victim to fear ruling your thoughts and day?…
Can you see yourself rather surrounded by love ?
Letting them go, one by one.
Hold still my dear, don’t fear, this too shall pass.
They were only your worries of days of past.
Love has you now.
 The moment just passed. Be still in this moment and your calm will last.
Choosing to surrender the those memories of old.
Healing the thoughts will make you whole.
Forgiving the past time and again remembering Love’s promise “I’ve got your back”.
The road seems long unending at times. Your old wounds haunting you as days go by.
Keep your focus on God your faith will renew and the chains that once bound you no longer do.
Stop drop and pray.
 You get to choose.
Moment by moment.
Love over fear, your choice will be clear.

  Dear One healing is here.

xx Jeanne
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15 things you do when you’re an empath

An empath is someone who can tune into the emotional energy of a person or an animal. Many people go through their lives dealing with heightened senses, intuition, emotions, and feelings, never realizing that they are empaths. If you… Click To Tweet

♥ 1.If you ask someone how they are feeling but you already know…

An empath can read others emotions, immediately understanding how they are feeling and understanding that person’s energy.

♥ 2. If your quiet time is more important than partying…

Being surrounded by others can be great, until your senses are heightened and all you want to do is curl up in bed with a book.

♥ 3. If you put the I in introvert…

Or if you simply skip the party and stay in bed with your book no matter what.

♥ 4.If your sensitivities get the best of you…

A dog came up to you? Cry.

♥ 5.If you prefer to be around animals rather than humans…

When your conversations with your animals are better than you’ve ever had with a person.

♥ 6. If you are sensitive to chemicals, alcohol and caffeine…

When you drink a cup of coffee and it feels like you’re on crack, even if you have no idea what crack is.

♥ 7. If you value your crystals more than diamonds…

Do your crystals have their own windowsill?

♥ 8. If you hear plants singing to you…

If you feel like you fell down the rabbit hole everytime you walk outside.

♥ 9. If you feel the judgements of others, like knives in your back…

Everyone must like you, and if they don’t it immediately affects how you view yourself.

♥ 10. If you’re a people pleasing Polly…

Everyone must be happy for you to be happy.

♥ 11. If you become overstimulated or overwhelmed easily…

A crowd of people? My head hurts.

♥ 12. If you can read people like a crystal ball…

“Hey Linda i’m getting a sense that you need some chocolate, everything okay?”

♥ 13. If you can walk by a stranger and sense danger…

A bad aura? Stranger danger on a whole new level.

♥ 14. If you walk around feeling like an open wound…

Everything hurts, and you just want to cry.

♥ 15. If you have visions or dreams of the future…

Screw deja vu I know exactly how tomorrow’s going to go.

I know how difficult it can be to navigate your day as an empath, that is why I created a site full of resources and tools to help you live your best life!

Decoding the Empath: Clairempathy: Known also as an Empath, this is the gift of clear knowing and emotion. Your senses, intuition, emotions and feeling are heightened. With the gift of being an Empath you will have one or more heightened senses. It is through these heightened senses that the energy will flow inside your body and you will experience physically what the other person is experiencing.

An Empath has a physical connection to others on an internal level. All empaths are also sensitive souls. When the gift of clairempathy is off balance, you will experience heightened emotions, manipulation, uncontrollable mood swings, and may even experience depression and/or anxiety.


So if you can relate to any and all of these things, you are most likely an empath. Going through each day with a physical connection to others on an internal level can be draining. Take our complimentary empath test

Take our complimentary empath test  to find out whether or not you are truly an empath, and further your knowledge with Jeanne Street’s Empath Master Class at Goddess Youniversity

I would love to hear how your sensitive side challenges you…  leave your comment or questions  in the comment section! 
I hope this information shines some light on how you can manage your energy.
If you know someone who could use the information caring is sharing!
Blessings xx

The Guru Trap


Have you lost sight of who you are and what makes you unique?

You are not alone….

Let me take you back in time, to the mid 80’s, I was a 20-year-old gal who was newly married and had just given my birth to my first baby.

                                               This is me in 1987 just after giving birth to our second baby!



I would spend hours upon hours rocking, walking, and swaddling my newborn very colicky baby girl… well into the wee hours of the morning.

I’m sure that you have similar memories and have also searched for answers to calm your stress, fears and worries.

My search came out of pure desperation for some sleep I began reading self-help books focusing on parenting.

By the time my second baby was born I had a trusted library filled with advice and how to’s. This was a personal sacred place where I found peace and comfort from knowing the authors of these books were my personal advisors the best part was that they were close by and within my reach.

One book in particular during this time became my young mama handbook, “Baby and Child Care” by Dr. Spock. I felt an immense sense of relief when I would find the answers to my questions within the pages.

I not only admired Dr Spock and his teachings I also respected the collection of guidance and support from the books that found their way into my library. Each one helped me to gain confidence and clarity.

What I now know is that these books came as a pathway to illuminate my journey as a mother, a wife and into becoming an author.

God is always guiding each of us in a loving and gentle way.

Over the years my guru list grew and changed and how I connected to them also shifted.

Today we have instant access and a simple click on our key pad that connects us to the knowledge we desire.

The problem with this instant connection is we become overloaded with information that isn’t necessarily meant for our personal growth.

God has provided us with free will, it is through our choices we either move in alignment with what’s best for our personal well-being or we get stuck following a system, a method or advice that does not align to our souls journey.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by all the white noise coming at you?

I can say that I have totally fallen into this energy and I call it the guru trap.

The guru trap is where we get a valuable tip or connection to an energy we feel our life may be lacking.

Once we align with this energy, we are off and running with our new found guru. Identifying with their story leads us to wanting to shift and change our life, which is not the bad part. The problem begins when we invite into our life someone else’s method, ideals or dreams as our own.

That is when you not in aliment with your Goddess truths.

Who have you felt a connection to as your “guru”?

For me, when I was not in alignment with my Goddess self, I was wanting and trying merge with energies that were not meant for me.

What happened to me is what happens to all of us who get lost in the flow of others energy and are left feeling really crappy and unsupported by God.

The unsupported we feel is an illusion.

The Angels tell me that once we are deceived by this lower form of energy it creates the feelings of lack.

It is from a lack point of view that your daily thoughts of having or being less then are rampant. This is energy that forms a barrier or block in your life that prevents love from being seen and felt.

The reality is when you force energy, meaning trying to make your life happen the way you want it to be, you are actually disconnected from your beautiful, unique Goddess self. Click To Tweet

By staying in the flow of this energy you end up disconnecting from the flow of Divine love energy that is actually meant for you!

How can you begin to identify with the love God is sharing with you is by becoming fully aware of your intuition. This may seem simple, but it is actually one of the most challenging things I see my clients struggle with.

Over the years of sharing messages and Spirits guidance the one stand out life changing tone that comes forward from Heaven is the need for you care for yourself and to love you!

You don’t need another quick fix, self help book or someone else’s methods to feel good, you need to love you, and to trust your intuition.

To reconnect to your intuitive guidance with the 3 Love Sparks:

1. Surrender. Let go of control of what you believe you need and let love lead you to true abundance.

2. Gratitude. Remembering what you do have is far more rewarding and productive than thinking of the lack.

3. Love. Love you first, the rest will fall into place.

Maybe your ready for change but aren’t sue of how to go about i?

I can help you with this!

If you are ready to experience your greatness and heal what is no longer serving you I would love to have a conversations with you about the Transformational Session I offer… this would start with a complimentary 15 minute call.

During your initial call I will answer your questions and share how the Transformational Session will connect your dreams to your goals while illuminating your beautiful authentic self.

The best part is this is no strings attached call. If what I share with you does not resonate there is no obligation!

To book your complimentary call … Click this link to sign up.


xx Jeanne


Throwing the towel in your dreams


Truth unveiling time… I almost threw the towel in on my dreams. 

Maybe you have felt like this too?

As 2017 came to a close I was exhausted from the time and efforts that I’ve poured into building this unique spiritual business I was considering walking away from some aspects of it.

I’ve come to the realization  (with a little help from the Angels:) that to keep my dreams alive I have to take time to just be still. The guidance I received was something we can all take part in it is the tool of journaling! The Angels say to list your dreams and desires then list the things you are doing to reach them. What we are scattered in our thoughts and our day the goals we want to achieve seem so much further away then the actually are!

Keeping still long enough to really be within my dreams is not an easy thing for this high energy gal to do! But I gave it a whirl and this is what I found…

Here is a look at just some of what I’ve accomplished over the course of seven years:

*Shared thousands of messages from your loved ones and Divine guidance with you.

*Written and published two books, The Goddess You & The Goddess Journal.

*Created & wrote The Goddess oracle card deck.

*Built three beautiful websites,, &



*Created, written and taught workshops and classes.

*Connected you to your loved ones on my weekly radio show Angels Don’t Lie.

*Opened a healing studio in Woodbury Ct, Inspirit Healing Studio.

*And… I am just about ready to submit my third manuscript to the editor, titled Angels Don’t Lie!

Through all of this I have aligned with my Goddess truths with God through prayer and meditation to stay true to my life’s purpose and passion.

Now that I am on the other side of the throwing the towel in I’ve found great comfort with the tools and guidance the Angels shared with me and that my friend this is what I aspire to help you to do as well, to be on the hopeful side rather than in the yuck!

To  align to your unique soul truths, follow your passions, live your dreams, connect with your desires and most importantly of all to heal the pains that enslave you to an existence of unsettledness.

I’ll let you in on a little secret though, it’s not always been easy for me to know how to heal the blocks in my personal or in my business life.

I’ve tried to follow other business owners methods, taken online courses and studied platform building with some leading peeps in the industry.

Maybe you’ve also tried following others leads and have been left feeling frustrated or alone?!

What I have found from following another’s take on business is though those “proven methods” have worked for them & maybe others as well, they do not work for me. If you are thinking why is that? Let me explain…

The answer  came to me during a meditation where I was shown by Spirit that when it comes to building a Spiritually aligned life or business those “tested” & “proven” methods will not take root for everyone because they are not aligned with the truth of your personal Goddess path or within Gods Divine timing.You have to learn to decipher which ideas, and methods are meant for your life. This is where you have to be rocking your intuitive connection, to embrace or to let go!

What I do know for sure is that we are each special and beautiful in our own light.

I am definitely a different gal who’s work as Medium, Healer and Author requires times of rest, mediating and a clear mind set to follow the path and goals to be of service to God & others in a unique way.

You are also a soul who needs rest and time away from all the chaos so you can have a clarity and calm to align to your intuitive self.

Hey lets keep it real here, there are still times that I loose my balance and become weak in the knees when fear sneaks in. Yet it is also true that I am confident in the ability to re-align to my Goddess truths, all because of the beautiful Goddess principles the Angels shared with us!

I don’t know if you have put any of the Goddess  principles into practice in your life yet, but I wonder if you would for the sake of your well-being & for love?

Because sharing is caring I am gifting you a FREE download guide to the 12 Goddess Principles. >>>CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE GUIDE

I also would like to formally invite you to join the Goddess Youniversity’s Members Club waitlist today….  The reason being is that my team and I have decided to showcase & gift one of the Master Classes from inside the Members only area exclusively for to our waitlist peeps! >>>JOIN THE WAITLIST HERE

I want you to be inspired and awaken to YOUR Goddess truths and shine your beautiful soul-self outward with pure confidence!


xx Jeanne

There’s a purpose for each and every one of us


Flash back to 2007 when I started my first business, I had my moments of complete trust and of absolute fear. I worked really hard at all aspects of that business especially to build customer trust and a brand that stood for the values and morals that are important to me.

What happens when you pour your heart and soul into something that doesn’t align with your soul purpose, you learn valuable lessons that propel you forward. I’ve learned through surrender that though we may see our actions as a mistake or a wrong doing it is really a magical moment for the soul to experience a miracle moment.

I’ve had so many ah-ha miracle moments since choosing to close my first business, and shifting the focus to my authentic self. I learned that anything of value that comes to us, comes with a great soul healing as well. Closing my first business was painful, not because I felt like a failure but because I felt I was letting others down by doing so. I knew though with every ounce of me that I had to heal my wounds in order to live the truth of who I am now.

Maybe you’re in one of those times that you are struggling with, and wonder if this is really where your supposed to be?


Maybe you’ve had a desire to change jobs or open your own business but don’t have the faith in yourself to do so?

Along my path from switching gears from one type of career to a completely different one, I have had to learn to manage some crazy energy and judgements from people who knew that old version of me. Part of your journey is to learn how to be uniquely you, and to do it within your family and the peeps that surround you. Not an easy thing when fear based thoughts and judgements comes at you from every angle.

There’s a simple strategy that I’ve used for the past 10 years, and you can also use them to get you through any of your challenging times. I call them the Goddess Principles and they are:

  1. Quieting the Mind
  2. Self-Love
  3. Changing Your Reactions
  4. Energy Basics
  5. Healing the Block
  6. Let it Go
  7. Chakra Basics
  8. healthy Wealthy and Wise
  9. Keep Calm
  10. Help, I’ve Lost my Balance
  11. Mind, Body, and Spirit
  12. Intuitive, Gifted You

These 12 Goddess principles are nuggets of Divineness that came from a desire to not listen to the norm, to be the me I knew deep down inside that was fearfully hiding out. Through prayer and meditation the Angels spoke to me with a gentle  guidance that helped me to heal fear and restore self-love.

Who knew self love could be so difficult? I have found this challenge to be true for most of my clients and students. Knowing and seeing that others felt the same pain and separation from Divine truth that I felt, has brought me to a place of gratitude and of service.

My entire life has been about helping others in some capacity or another.

There's a purpose for each and every one of us Click To Tweet There’s a purpose for each and every one of us. I found that in being true to my soul-self and sharing my gifts is my “why” for creating Goddess Youniversity. The mission behind the Members Club is to help you SHINE and heal the things that block your beautiful light.

I’ve opened up the enrollment to the Goddess Youniversity Members Club until December 1st… so you can start:

* Learning how to live your best life

* Grow in ways you never thought imaginable

* Heal the things that no longer serve you

There are three categories of amazing offerings for you to choose from inside the Members Club

* Inspired Master Classes to spark your intuition

* Invest Master Classes that speak to your soul-self

* Shine Master Classes to share your gifts with the world

This will not only be a place to learn and heal, your spirituality will also be magnified, while getting the support to help you keep growing.That’s not all… there are member extras, gatherings, Goddess socials and a fabulous gift package sent right to your door!

This is everything you need to live in your true soul-alignment!

You can get all of this for only$9.99 a month! 

I’ve made this offer so low and will close the door on December 1st, so that I and my team can give each Member time, energy and love while offering support and help they desire.

Every month there will be brand new content added to the Members Club, making it an ever evolving and growing Youniversity! Your dreams and desires are worth every ounce of time and energy you put forth.

Be the best version of you,

BE The Goddess You!!! 


xx Jeanne



Emotionally Brave


Emotionally Brave

A life event that causes an emotional and or physical pain can cause a block of energy within the body. These events are the Trauma that affect your well-being. Click To Tweet

So how does your past influence your present?

It happens without notice. Emotional Trauma is not so cut and dry as not living in the past for suffers. Most who suffer from emotional trauma actually don’t like talking about their back stories. They are even stoic in some regards, rising above the past.

The problem occurs when the past is not healed. It will continue to affect the present in some way or form. Because you are an energetic being, your body stores the energy it has encountered along the way. Storing up all the life experiences and energy within your cells. Your body reflects outward that in which it has encountered.

Let’s talk about how trauma causes both a physical and an emotional reaction in your body.

Physical: Trauma can cause an onset of amnesia, which causes gaps within your memory. The gaps span for a short time or even years.

Emotional: Lost gaps in memory causes a disconnect from the memory yet the feelings reside. The body stores memory within, so an energetic memory remains.

Physical: Trauma can cause ongoing physical pain in the body, stomach aches, digestions issues, body aches, migraines and headaches are some of the most common signs.

Emotional: Trauma can cause the immune system to break down because of the inner turmoil of stress. Stress is associated with most all serious illness.

Physical: Trauma is associated with behavioral and learning disorders.

Emotional: Self value and worth are the trauma gate-keepers to behavioral and learning disorders.

Physical: Self inflicted pain and or addiction are common ways in which trauma is dealt with. The physical suffering becomes the cover up of the emotional memory.

Emotional: Addiction and self inflicted pain are commonly used as a method or way to feel something real.

Now let’s talk about how you can release the emotional memory and heal the physical suffering.

Emotional memory is tricky to connect to at first because the mind has disconnected from the traumatic event and all that is left is sensations and feelings that don’t always makes sense. The sensation that arises within the body when a trigger awakens the emotional memory can be similar to that of being in a foreign land where nothing seems to make sense. Your body feels pain but you don’t know why, leading to your pain stirring a reaction that shocks you then become reactive to this uncomfortable sensation. Anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, mood swings are all associated with the energy triggers related to the emotional trauma.

There are several ways you can heal Trauma yourself, each take time and dedication. Your courage is your bravery that unlocks the emotional memory release which will free you from the lasting side effects for the rest of your life.

The Angels have shown that when a trigger response happens; it sends you on a roller coaster ride of emotions which causes you try to connect the dots to make sense out of the situation.

This is the key moment for you to grab your journal and do what I call “stop, drop and pray.”

It is in the quiet prayer you can listen to the internal energy rather than the mind chatter. Surrendering your thoughts, emotions and feelings to God is the most powerful action you can take.

After you have surrendered now, you can write all of your thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions down. This is your safe zone so let them out. Release is your saving grace. Don’t worry about someone reading your journal! You can always have a ceremonial burning to complete the process!

If this seems out of your comfort zone, going to a Medium or Spiritual Healer can help you release the energetic trauma in a safe and loving environment.



If working with talk therapy is your thing, be sure find someone who specializes in emotional memory blocks and trauma.

However you choose to heal, be steadfast and true to you!  Also, know that doing the “work” and healing sometimes… (okay most all the time) causes some heartache, it will end up being the best thing you’ve ever done.

You are BRAVE My Goddess Friend!


xx Jeanne


The Sensitive Soul


The Sensitive Soul

People who are born with the gift of sensitivity are unique in nature. Most spend their life in some type of emotional turmoil because they don’t fully understand why they are always so sensitive Click To Tweet.

Knowing the basics of energy of how you pick up and receive energy and how you omit energy is the first step to clearing up the confusion and turmoil you are living with.

Every living being and thing is made up of energy and omits energy. This energy is everywhere you go not to mention that every item you purchase, each event from your life, they also have an energetic component to them. If you break it down to just a 24 hour period of going to the grocery store, working out, carpool, soccer, work you can imagine the amount of energy you are gathering. And, you, being a sensitive soul, pick up and absorb that energy.

Yikes… thats a whole lot of energetic chaos going on just in one day!

The energy you gather up stays within your energy field or is absorbed into your body. It is this energy that is not your own that causes you to react. Your reactions are tears, anger, anxiety and so on. Now add years of that to the mix and you understand why you feel off balance.

However, before you can begin to make sense of the feelings you carry or why you cry and feel so badly about a person, life happening and events around you, you have to first know the different aspects of being sensitive soul.

What you need to know:

…. Is that being a sensitive soul is a gift from God, and is meant to help you through your life journey.

… Gifts are unique to each human soul.

… Your talents enhance your gifts and guide you in sharing what makes you, YOU with the others. (if you say” I have no talents”, The Angels say that everyone has talents!!!  and Angels don’t lie! )

Now let’s break down the response categories of the sensitive soul gift.

Response categories are:

Emotional Physical Spiritual

Within each category there is a responsive way that you receive and react to energy through one or more of your senses. Your sense can be utilized to break down the energy you pick up as well as the energy around you.

So…. your senses help you make sense of energy while also receiving impressions from Spirit while your talents help you express energy.


xx Jeanne

Goddess Tips


Goddess Tips

Male or Female the Goddess tips are all about you grooving, moving, living with Divine life force energy. The Goddess You is simply referring to the female tone or energy that is LOVE. That means the Goddess You is available to everyone.

Why is this you may wonder? It is because, you have both female and male energies that balance your well-being. The right side of your body being where your feminine Divine flow is. The left side of your body is what makes up your logic side which is the male flow. When in balance you will feel the stability of who you are and comforted by both logic and spirituality. When off-balance there becomes a disruption of either the Divine feminine or the Divine Logical masculine self.

The feminine Spiritual flow depends on your openness and connection to God. Belief, faith, prayer and consciousness are your points to a healthy flow.

When off-balance the connection to your Goddess self closes off or a block is created that prevents the natural flow of Divine love. Click To Tweet The connection will become distorted over time when the Spiritual belief is questioned, broken or lost. This occurs when you choose to go it alone without God. This is not about religion, rather a pure belief and faith in God.

The Divine Masculine  Logic flow depends on your openness to learn in connection with God. Again, belief, faith, prayer and consciousness are needed with also a clear intention of connection to love.

When off-balance the connection to Logic becomes out of balance with Divine truth. Ego aka Shmego begins to take up residence in the thought system and fear blocks your connection to Divine Logic. Shmego takes over the thought system which controls the flow of health Divine Masculine Logic, without warning fear swarms your being, and the “I” will search in need for proof or earth-bound theories to satisfy the over active ego. Separation from God, religion and faith are what follows this interruption in energy flow.

How you can maintain your equilibrium of Divine Feminine and Divine Logical Masculine self  involves 3 of the Goddess You principles.

1. Quiet Your Mind: By turning off the constant chatter going on in your daily thoughts you will become mindful of what you are allowing and engaging in. You can illuminate in a quiet mind where love can be seen, heard and felt while also awakening how Shmego’s masculine logic tone has manipulated your thoughts and speaking to you.

2. Self Love: Returning to the self for the love you need and wish for will support your Goddess truths to come forward. You will also begin to live confidently knowing that the Divine Feminine & Masculine love is now your guide rather than that guy Shmego and his fear.

3. Changing Your Reactions: Healing how you react to situations both internal and external will lighten your energy. Choosing compassion in any given moment opens your Feminine Goddess flow.

Now you have the tools to shine your true Goddess self!!


Blessings xx Jeanne

The Challenge of Change



Have you noticed the warm days of summer seem to be slipping away as the cooler weather sneaks in to remind you that fall will be approaching soon? With any season change you can experience emotions that can send you off balance.

Change is one of most difficult things to manage because of how it challenges your energy. You can become feel emotional with feelings that don’t always make sense.

Maybe you are like me and going through such a time of great shifts and change and aren’t sure how to deal with the all that energy that arises during these times?

What I have found great comfort in is utilizing not only The Goddess You principles but also pairing them with Spiritual guidance, faith and God. I have also found that Divine support is the constant love available, reminding me that with heightened evolving energy comes great soul healing.

Sometimes when you experience challenging times you may feel as if there isn’t anything that can help you through and you end up repeating an old pattern that no longer serves you. Or, maybe you aren’t awaken to how playing the victim in your own life ends up hurting you far greater than the person who caused you the initial pain.

I am acutely  aware of how fragile the body can be during such times of soul transformation. As a Medium connecting to Divine source, I have learned valuable tools that will help you to take precautions to aide not only your physical body but also your mental clarity.

It is important to understand that you are here on earth to do the Soul work you are experiencing. Also, that Soul healing is always at play during these challenging times!

The truth is my Goddess friend while no-one likes doing this type of work it is actually far more rewarding than your mind thinks.

Going it alone never feels good and to be honest with you the fact is everyone wants to be loved and valued, yet we judge what we do not fully understand. The Angels have taught that you and I  are all on the same playing field, with each having pains and sufferings and life lessons to learn.

And, while it sounds so easy not to blame or look back at past events that Shmego guy sneaks in the second your body begins feeling low. He awakens when the energy of the moment signals your body where the memory is being stored.

If the first thing you could do when you experience pain was to open your heart to compassion and surrender the feelings and emotions without following them back in time healing could come forward with ease. Click To Tweet

The Angels say  though you may not believe it you ARE indeed strong enough to look your pain in the eye and learn the valuable lesson/lessons that is being presented to you. Your pain when healed will open the path for you to stand in your authentic soul truths.

Be the brave Goddess you want to be!

Highly Sensitive You

Hey there, you the one who feels everything.

The one who cries and doesn’t know why.

The one who doesn’t understand what you feel so you hide behind that thing that actually makes you feel something within.

The one afraid to go into large crowds.

The one who gets overwhelmed at the grocery store.

The one who feels scattered.

The one is unsure of who you are.

The one who picks up energy wherever you go … and I mean the good, bad and junkie energy from other people. You are the one I want to talk to, the one I want to share some amazing tools you can use to change how you feel right in this very moment!

I have a gift of connecting to the Divine realm, AKA as being a Medium. I am also an Emapath and an HSP. Although being an Empath is similar to being a Highly Sensitive Person AKA  HSP, there are a few distinct difference that tell these two gifts apart.

So what the Angels have shown me in the many encounters I have had with other HSP and Empaths is how to decipher the energy of both these gifts.

No matter if you are an Empath or an HSP it is important to learn how to work with your gift so you can function in the day-to-day life without the crash and burnout that comes with being you! You are an energy feeler so the more you understand about you and gather the right tools for living the easier it will be! And, when you slow down and pay attention to energy it can tell you a story of what’s going on around you. Why this is important is that when you are connected to energy in a healthy way, meaning through God, the energy can guide you.

when you slow down and pay attention to energy it can tell you a story of what's going on around you. Why this is important is that when you are connected to energy in a healthy way, meaning through God, the energy can guide you. Click To Tweet

Let me share with you the top three traits that…

Highly Sensitive People share. 

1.Overly emotional to others energy outside their body

2.Scattered thoughts

3.Unable to focus

Empath’s share.

1.Sensitive to others energy within their body

2. A clear knowing and thinking everyone has this guidance

3. Can take on another’s personality

Now of course, there is more to energy and your gift than just these traits, but what I have come to see as the gateway to breaking down who you are is to understand where you stand within these top three traits.

Understanding your gift is just the first step, next is how to clear and protect your energy and vital well being.

Top three tools for clearing and protecting…

1. Prayer, surrounding yourself in God’s love everyday helps you to stay in your very own energy bubble and helps you to separate from energy you pick up.

2. Intention, setting a clear intention to stay in your energy field and within you body every day.

3. Mindful, being mindful of your thoughts they become your life. Keep them in tune with God!

Now you have the tools and knowledge to understand not only your gift but also how energy can be your friend!

Happy clearing!


xx Jeanne