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If you want to live your life awakened and happy then make time to invite your Goddess soul-self to be in your life, love her - and in return, she will inspire you to be the best version of you!

You can learn how to take the steps to live in your Goddess soul alignment today- grab your copy of The Goddess You and watch the book club videos below!

I want you to experience a higher perspective as you embark on your Goddess journey - I am gifting you the tools to begin your "you work"!   Download the first chapter of The Goddess You Intuitive Journal by filling out this form! →

You can do this! Your Goddess soul-self is counting on it!


PS... grab your copy of The Goddess You 

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Quieting The Mind

When you are learning how to quiet your mind, it is best not to judge your thoughts. Shmego will trick you into negative thought patterns. Learning how to keep fear out of your thoughts is a process. It will take some time, but with practice, you will learn when Shmego is talking and when your inner Goddess is talking. 

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The mirror effect is the reflection of what you put out in energetic tones, meaning your feelings, your thoughts and your views. These reflections then come back to you. This is how we stay in the low vibration of self-sabotaging thinking. These thoughts become an endless circle of energy. To break the cycle of the low energy coming at us we must change our internal view of how we see ourselves. Self Love is about seeing yourself as God sees you.

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When we shift our view off of "me" and focus on love, it is a miracle moment. Our thoughts of self turn to compassion for others. We can lead our day with kind, loving thoughts. When confronted with an argument, we choose not to react to the actions or words of the other person. We slow down, hear what the other person is saying while not taking their words or negativity to heart, and release any attachment to their statement from our being. We start to see a pattern playing out, that person needs to be heard.

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