Month: October 2017

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The Sensitive Soul

Knowing the basics of energy of how you pick up and receive energy and how you omit energy is the first step to clearing up the confusion and turmoil you are living with.

Every living being and thing is made up of energy and omits energy. This energy is everywhere you go not to mention that every item you purchase, each event from your life, they also have an energetic component to them. If you break it down to just a 24 hour period of going to the grocery store, working out, carpool, soccer, work you can imagine the amount of energy you are gathering. And, you, being a sensitive soul, pick up and absorb that energy.

Yikes… thats a whole lot of energetic chaos going on just in one day!

The energy you gather up stays within your energy field or is absorbed into your body. It is this energy that is not your own that causes you to react. Your reactions are tears, anger, anxiety and so on. Now add years of that to the mix and you understand why you feel off balance.

However, before you can begin to make sense of the feelings you carry or why you cry and feel so badly about a person, life happening and events around you, you have to first know the different aspects of being sensitive soul.

What you need to know:

…. Is that being a sensitive soul is a gift from God, and is meant to help you through your life journey.

… Gifts are unique to each human soul.

… Your talents enhance your gifts and guide you in sharing what makes you, YOU with the others. (if you say” I have no talents”, The Angels say that everyone has talents!!!  and Angels don’t lie! )

Now let’s break down the response categories of the sensitive soul gift.

Response categories are:

Emotional Physical Spiritual

Within each category there is a responsive way that you receive and react to energy through one or more of your senses. Your sense can be utilized to break down the energy you pick up as well as the energy around you.

So…. your senses help you make sense of energy while also receiving impressions from Spirit while your talents help you express energy.


xx Jeanne