Month: July 2017

Highly Sensitive You

Hey there, you the one who feels everything.

The one who cries and doesn’t know why.

The one who doesn’t understand what you feel so you hide behind that thing that actually makes you feel something within.

The one afraid to go into large crowds.

The one who gets overwhelmed at the grocery store.

The one who feels scattered.

The one is unsure of who you are.

The one who picks up energy wherever you go … and I mean the good, bad and junkie energy from other people. You are the one I want to talk to, the one I want to share some amazing tools you can use to change how you feel right in this very moment!

I have a gift of connecting to the Divine realm, AKA as being a Medium. I am also an Emapath and an HSP. Although being an Empath is similar to being a Highly Sensitive Person AKA  HSP, there are a few distinct difference that tell these two gifts apart.

So what the Angels have shown me in the many encounters I have had with other HSP and Empaths is how to decipher the energy of both these gifts.

No matter if you are an Empath or an HSP it is important to learn how to work with your gift so you can function in the day-to-day life without the crash and burnout that comes with being you! You are an energy feeler so the more you understand about you and gather the right tools for living the easier it will be! And, when you slow down and pay attention to energy it can tell you a story of what’s going on around you. Why this is important is that when you are connected to energy in a healthy way, meaning through God, the energy can guide you.

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Let me share with you the top three traits that…

Highly Sensitive People share. 

1.Overly emotional to others energy outside their body

2.Scattered thoughts

3.Unable to focus

Empath’s share.

1.Sensitive to others energy within their body

2. A clear knowing and thinking everyone has this guidance

3. Can take on another’s personality

Now of course, there is more to energy and your gift than just these traits, but what I have come to see as the gateway to breaking down who you are is to understand where you stand within these top three traits.

Understanding your gift is just the first step, next is how to clear and protect your energy and vital well being.

Top three tools for clearing and protecting…

1. Prayer, surrounding yourself in God’s love everyday helps you to stay in your very own energy bubble and helps you to separate from energy you pick up.

2. Intention, setting a clear intention to stay in your energy field and within you body every day.

3. Mindful, being mindful of your thoughts they become your life. Keep them in tune with God!

Now you have the tools and knowledge to understand not only your gift but also how energy can be your friend!

Happy clearing!


xx Jeanne



Do you ever want to say what you are feeling to others but because time, energy and life seems to block the way you just don’t?

If you are like me a little dose of positive energy can make all the difference in your day to day routine and help you navigate through a challenging time. With that shared positive energy you also can be so much more productive with your time, be kinder to your peeps and share love with others.

Being kind is an act of generosity when we add in prayer with that act it becomes a miracle moment
. That is because love is Divine and Divine is God. Which means prayer is your connection to God and in sending your prayer through your kind act it is transformed into an act of love. Pretty cool right?!

Sharing your feelings with another is a great way to open your Chakra’s while being of service. That is as long as you are coming from the point of compassion and not of fear.

What’s the difference you may wonder… compassion lets you see the other from the standpoint of being equal to you, that is not above or below you. Compassion also lets you see that your feelings that need expressing maybe tainted with judgement, anger or resentment for the one you are sharing with.

Feelings are reminders of emotions that have connection points in time and events of your life. Compassion for self is your first defence at stoping a spewing of hurtful words that can seemingly fly out of you mouth.

Using your breath to connect to your feelings first, will help you adjust your tone, return to love and surrender those emotional connections to the past that take up space in your body.That is how your Chakra’s release old energy and balance out, thus keeping you in a higher vibrational LOVE!
With that my Goddess friend, I want to take a moment to say a big, HUGE,Thank You, for being uniquely YOU! I know you are a beautiful soul and I sincerely appreciate the time and energy you have shared with me by reading the blogs, following on social media and coming to events and sessions.



xx Jeanne