Month: December 2016

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Connecting to God and his Divine energy happens effortlessly with a prayerful moment and clear intention. At first my body begins to shift ever so slightly, muscles relax in tension as my mind is quiet within the space of peaceful prayer. The pure loving energy of the Divine flows all around my being while the connection works through me. The feeling of God’s calming love, and grace speak to every part of my body. This is when our conversation begins. In the prayer the question or concern at hand was spoken. As the guidance flows the senses are heightened, and each word carries its own unique energetic weight.

Channeling a loved one during a reading or healing session is very similar to channeling the Divine, the difference between the two is God’s energy is always within while loved ones are outside of the body. Loved ones will still use sensations and impressions to tell me more about themselves or about you.

Angels will work to guide us in a gentle way. A nudge from the beautiful spiritual beings can lead you in the direction of love. Angels are here to remind us of our souls truths. These celestial beings of light and love are God’s gift to humanity. They work directly for God, therefore they will never interfere with your free will or with God’s will.

What you can expect from your Angels when you call upon them is the purity of God’s love, guidance, support flowing through to answer your prayers.

You too, can connect to God, your loved ones and celestial beings. Connection is universal for all religions and all living beings. We are all connected through energy. From, past souls to living souls, animals, plants, trees and the Divine, all living things are connected. The energy your soul omits is unique and contains your past present and future. The soul is never ending, like an ocean wave or a cool breeze, there is no beginning and no end. This my friend is the same for your soul. Endless energy that connects you to people, places, memories that are also connected with you. When the mind is quiet and the heart is open we are in a receiving mode. The practice of breath awareness will open the pathway for you the receive Divine energy easily. You can find out more about this practice in The Goddess You book, available for purchase on my web site by

So, what does all this information tell us… It tells us we are equal to all. That we are all here having human experiences unique to our souls journey. Our souls journey is about learning and growing in alignment with God and our soul-self. That human conditioning we all experience leads us away from our soul truths and our journey in this life is in remembering our truth, our souls truth.

Some people awaken to the truth of the soul early on and others never find it. Even some make it through their entire life without connecting only on their death bead to pray and talk to God. And in return God’s promise is always there, patiently waiting for our human soul to welcome the Divine love into their being. Why is it we wait? Why is it we judge others and see ourselves separated from them and the Divine energy? Fear is the reason. The human condition includes fear. The choices we make to the words we speak are made or spoken from love or from fear. It all can sound simplistic and maybe even lame to some. But the truth that the Angels have shown me time and time again is that our choices affect our well being. Our choice to live with love or with fear is the reason we are here. From all walks of life, and all choices in livelihoods we live and work from a love standpoint or a fear standpoint. It’s that simple.
Over the years channeling loved ones I have also learned many valuable lessons from the dead. Regret is the foremost lesson that comes in through the veil. Souls showing sorrow for the choices they made in life. For hurting their loved ones. We go through a soul cleansing either just before we cross over or while we are still here. When a soul is cleansing here is can look like suffering to us. Suffering at the end of life is a purification that the soul chooses to do. Yes, our soul has already chosen the path it will take on exiting the life. The reason a soul may suffer at the end of life to purify is unique to that souls journey. What I have learned from the readings I have done, is the soul will sometimes choose the path of suffering as their own journey or they will choose it as to help another in a life lesson. Since, we are all connected energetically our souls will work with each other to help with life lessons. This is how a stranger can come into your life during a difficult time and support you. Or an old friend will reappear at the perfect time. Divine intervention.

The one thing to take away from all this information is to take time to be in the moment and see, I mean really see the people right in front of you. These people are there to help you, even if they are difficult, angry or whatever your view of them is. The truth is they are reflecting something back to you, something you are not seeing in yourself. Honor them, love them, embrace them for you are their equal and they are your teacher reflecting back the lessons you must learn.


xx Jeanne

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My guidance from Divine Angels is something that I have lived with my entire life. Surprisingly though there were times that I was not fully aware or awake to this Divine connection I have called mediumship.

Some people have questioned my Divine connection and how I could have not known it was there, some have said that I have made it up. The truth of the matter is, I lived in fear.

Understanding ourselves and the truth of who we are is not always so cut and dry.
In each of our lives we have challenges and lessons to that help us to learn, grow and uncover our souls truths. These truths of our soul are with us always, although we may not be ready to fully know them or integrate them into our lives.

The soul truths are unique to each individual. Though we may seem to have some things in common with others, we all have our very own amazing soul truths to live and utilize. Our souls journey is also unique. And, while it may take another less time to know their truths, our souls have personal work to do in order to live in alignment with our soul-self.

This is the why my personal soul truths did not fully show themselves earlier in my life. I had lessons to learn first!

Part of my gift is that I have a knowing also called claircognizance. This knowing side of me is how I have always been able to help or guide others. The knowing was always the strongest part of my gift. I began to really understand this knowing I had was different then what others knew when I was in my early 30’s. My friends would always ask how do you know this? The funny thing is, I thought everyone had this knowing. It wasn’t until a friend was having some relationship issues that the truth finally dawned on me. I was doing what I normally do with a friend in need, comforting her with loving guidance that seemed to magically appear. When she turned to me and said how did you know that? I was shocked, I turned to her and asked how did you not know this? Our conversation quickly shifted away from the topic when the kids came in the room and we forgot all about it. This moment stayed with me for days, and awakened the thought, just how I did know the things I knew.
But low and behold I was not ready to look at my truths fully yet.

The knowing stayed and the guidance of the Angels although hidden from view was just “there”, I just couldn’t put it all together. It was as if I was in a dream, a dream of a girl stuck in a life that made little sense. Speaking of dreams, I have always had visions of loved ones in my dreams. Some I know, others are just faces of people I don’t know.
The nudges from the Angels kept me questioning and pursuing answers. I found books on Angels and mediums that sparked questions and more thought. One nudge I received was to work with children. This was a nudge that had been with me my whole life. I began to see signs and advertisements for foster parenting. At the time the campaign theme was Be a Hero, Be a Foster Parent. Every sign, billboard and advertisement spoke directly to me. The day I told my husband that I wanted us to be foster parents I thought he would say I was crazy. We had just had our fourth child and were in the midst of selling our house. But by the miracle of all miracles he loved the idea. This is how I knew it was Divine calling. I called our local Department of Children and Families and signed us up. We started classes, went through all the back ground checks and paper work needed to become a foster family. Our children were even interviewed by the DCF staff. On the last week of class just a before our license was finalized we got our first placement! He was a 10 month old baby boy, the same age as our youngest. We purchased a second crib highchair and car seat at a consignment boutique. Jose’ stayed with us for one week. He was a sweet baby that could drink a bottle dry so quickly your head would spin! After Jose’ we took in thirteen other foster children during a six year period. We did take time off in between some of the placements, to rest and regroup. Just before the time we took our last placement I knew we were done being a foster family. I filed the proper paperwork with our state with ease and a joyful heart knowing we had served our fellow man and God. Our family spent the six years sharing their love, toys and house openly with the fourteen angels that came our way. We were all blessed with the experiences we shared with each of the children that came into our lives.

During the most recent years of my life, I have learned the most valuable of all lessons, to let go of fear. The fear that stopped me from speaking my truth and living in my souls alignment. The fear that held the truth of my soul truths from being understood. The fear that I am less than or not equal to others. The fear that the past will revisit until I forgive it and release it. Fear that others will think, well what ever others will think of me. Fears that top other fears and hide behind shit to cause pain or throw me off my path. The lesson to let go of fear came from the Angels. The loving guidance helped me to see the truth, that we are all children of God. Our destiny is to love openly and fully with God. When we see each other through the eyes of God we can appreciate, accept each other for who we are. The struggles of others are not ours to live but ours to pray for. We can be kind, loving and understanding if we choose. Low and be hold choice is key in obtaining our soul alignment. The judgements we carry become the fear that contains us from living in our soul truths and alignment. Shedding the fear with love is the cure we all search for.

Angels are God’s divine love. Angels are available to guide and assists us. We can all call on Angelic assistance and guidance whenever needed. Simply call them with love, while you ask for what you need help with. You can write your need down or say it aloud either works just fine! Then sit back and wait for the magical miracle of the Divine guidance to come your way!

Simplistic and profound!

xx Jeanne