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Spirit Speaks

I have had a lot of people ask what it is like to have a Spiritual team or guides. First I should tell you that you too have a team of guides, Angels waiting and willing to work with you.

Following the guidance of Spirit requires that I participate fully in our relationship. Having a Spiritual team is what I like to call a faith based Spiritual advisory team.

What you must understand about the relationship and guidance Spirit offers is that Spirit always comes from a place of love. Knowing also that the loving guidance is what will shift the life back into alignment with the soul while allowing the soul purpose to become in clear and in focus. The guidance is also taken on your free will. The will is the choice of your soul to accept the alignment or continue on the path you are on. Understanding that if the soul is not ready to move forward or learn the lesson or lessons within the path you are on, you can choose to stay right where you are. It is FREE WILL.

Inviting your Spiritual team in to work with you requires your faith. Ask and you shall receive. I remember when I first began to ask my team to help guide me. I had been praying for help for the shoe store I owned. Im not sure how to fully explain it , how I came to the place of surrender, how I “knew” to let go and let God take the wheel. I had been getting what I like to call nudges from Spirit. These nudges felt like a Spiritual poke in the gut. I would listen to some and ignore others. I found that when I listened to a nudge, life would be smoother.

Similar to intuition nudges will bring forth soul truths. The difference between intuition and Spirits nudges, is the tone in which they come through. Intuition comes from a place within your soul. It is part of you. The love voice within you! Spirits voice is outside of you, yet also be part of “knowing” and flow through you as love. Spirits tones are higher vibrational and speak in a different tone than intuition.
Spirits messages flow into your being where intuition will flow out of your being.

When you put into practice following your intuition it can:
Intuition can guide your life with your self truths and soul work.
Intuition can give you a gut feeling or knowing.
Intuition can open you to your soul work.
Intuition can guide you to compassionate living.
Intuition can be your souls guiding light to living life without ego running the show.

When you put into practice inviting your Spiritual team in to help guide you:
Your faith deepens.
Your prayers are answered.
Your team leaves you signs and symbols that YOU understand.
Your team supports you even when you don’t support yourself.
Your heart grows in compassion.
Your path becomes clear and brighter.
Your lessons are understood on a soul level.
You feel connected to the Divine in a higher vibrational way.
You know where you are to be of service.


The truth is my friends, that when you follow spirits guidance you learn first hand that Angels Don’t Lie and the truths spirit speaks will always guide you towards love.


xx Jeanne

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The Drama Vortex
Energy if you are not aware is what your are made up of and is all around you. Emotions, feelings and personalities for example all exude an energetic vibration. You, being an energetic being can sponge bits of others energetic waste.

Ego plays a role in how your energetic vibration exudes from off of your being. Ego is fear based thinking, that means any thought that keeps fear alive in your being is brought on by Ego. Ego is a low vibrational energy. Love thoughts are of a high vibrational rate. Why this matters to you is that if you are controlled by Ego which most of us have been at one time, then Love has moved to the background and you have taken on more fear than Love.

You are a being of light and love from God. You are born with love as your primary energy, which exudes out of your being. Circumstances of life, of lessons you are here to learn are the how, why and what that has invited Ego in and that has allowed Ego to come forward and thrive as your new thought system

Drama is an action birthed out of a low energetic being. Drama is a fear based thinking brought forth by Ego.

Drama’s energy is a vortex that can become a highly addictive behavior.
Ego likes this energy because of how it keeps you far from the love thoughts. Drama can grow beyond your recognition as its low vibration becomes the first thoughts that pop into your mind. You become the drama while the real you, the love you, the God light within you fades to the background.

How then can you recognize if you have become Drama. You start with Energy Clearing. Learning how, why and when to clear to shift your energy with an Energy Clearing while protecting yourself from inviting more low vibrational energy is the starting point in removing Drama.

Turning your thoughts from Ego back to Love is done with recognizing Ego voice over Love voice. Opening your heart center to invite love to flow freely is the intent you must make. Compassion then is the action to take and put into practice, this action of compassion is the gateway for love to open the area fear has claimed.

To help you better understand energy and how it affects you, I created this FREE downloadable Psychic How To Guide on Energy Clearing. This FREE guide will be your starting point for understanding your energetic health and well being. You will be able to see and understand your energy and the energy of the space you live / work in. Once you put into practice the art of Energy Clearing your energetic vibration will increase!

I hope that you enjoy my FREE Energy Clearing guide! And please feel free to share it with your family and friends!
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xx Jeanne

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Angels Don’t Lie


Angels Don’t Lie!

What I have grown to accept and understand with each of my senses throughout my Spiritual journey is that within the Divine flow there is the energy. This energy is truth. Truth of the Soul’s purpose, truth of the Soul’s healing exist in this energy flow. Angelic connection heightens the awareness or gifts used to connect to this energy. Here within this energy are our “truths”. Some people can easily access this flow while others are called to work with a person who works in the energy field. These individuals are Psychics, Psychic Mediums, Spiritual Healers (just to name a few). Since we all have unique talents and gifts, none of these energetic workers are the same.

When working with a Psychic, a Psychic Medium, or a Spiritual Healer to gain access to these truths you will definitely want to work with a like-minded spiritually connected person.

I recommend that if you are ready to work on any level of healing and connecting to the other side that you choose a God based energy worker.
Know who you are going to, look for testimonials, and listening to what others say can help you see and know if they are God-based workers. Beware of anyone that comes from a fear tone. This means they try and scare you with insight, ask you to listen to only them, or think they are giving the reading rather than being the conduit for which Spirit passes the messages. All of these are warning signs that the energy worker is working out of Ego and fear in order to control and manipulate.

What to do before a session:
During a typical session or reading, we can prepare ourselves to receive Spirit’s messages. We can do so by praying, opening our hearts and minds. Your job in a session or reading is to receive. Questioning, doubt, and fear can keep the messages from coming to you clearly. Bring a notebook or a voice recorder if the person giving the reading allows for that. Know that not everything coming through will resonate or make sense right away. I have found that in sessions when information does not seem like it fits you or you don’t understand it right then and there, writing it down will help you to remember and see the information at a later time, when it will make sense.

Angels don’t lie… I have found within sessions and readings is that most people are waiting for a big “AH-HAH” moment to happen and in doing so, miss the actual messages. They only to end up calling me or messaging me at a later date to say, “Oh my gosh you were right about…”. This is when I chuckle and smile, knowing the truth will come to them when they are ready! I can simply reply, “Angles don’t lie!”

Blessings to you

xx Jeanne

Spiritual Health


March 2015 was a happening time in my life.

The Angels had guided me through the very cold, way too long winter (as we all in New England won’t soon forget), to finish writing the course work for the Spiritual Healer’s Course. I had spent so much time meditating, writing, praying, and channeling the course while still seeing clients, so needless to say, my body and mind needed a break. So my Hubby and I took a long weekend and flew out to see his Dad in San Diego. A little warmth, sun, and family time was what my body craved in order to rejuvenate. While we were there, the Angels guided me to speak to my Mother-in-law, Olive, about the work I have been doing.

They also were showing me that my in-laws were going through some stressful times. I entered the conversation carefully, as I did not want to over step any boundaries with Olive. My father-in-law’s mother kept appearing in front of my face. This began when we first arrived, so I knew she had something important to pass on because she continuously was putting herself in my path. When the time was right, I opened up to Olive and let her know I had some messages for her. Olive and I finally sat down. It was then that I was able to understand why Gammy(my father-in-law’s mother) had been so in my face. She showed me the stressful times that my in-laws were going through. Olive was so open and receptive to Gammy and the Angel’s insights! She embraced all the information that came through with open arms. I was also able to give Olive a reading, as well.

Loved ones who she had been separated from for many years came through with loving messages. It was a moving experience for both Olive and myself. Spirit had guided me to take that trip and it turned out to be soothing to the soul and rewarding for all of us. When it was time to go home, Olive and my father-in-law were in harmony again. My hubby and I flew home rejuvenated and ready to take on our busy lives again. Thank you Angels!

I began promoting the course just a few weeks before I kicked it off. The Angels had kept showing me April as the start, so April it was. I had no idea how to promote this course in such little time. But,

I have learned time and time again that when I follow the guidance of my Angelic team things seem to just fall into place
. So, I said a little prayer offering my worries over and leapt forward with faith. Spirit guided each person who was ready to open and embark on this journey. Some were able to sign up for the first session, while others added their names to the “future dates list”. By the end of March, I had seven committed individuals ready and willing to take this journey. Another big… Thank You Angels!
Seven amazingly talented signed up for Spiritual Healer’s Course. All incredibly talented and gifted in their own unique way.

These women have all embarked on a life changing journey that has and will continue to enhance their currant careers. Over the past three months, they have kept up with the homework, reading assignments, and journal exercises. These women have healed, cried, healed some more, opened and learned what it means to be a Spiritual Healer. They have had practical sessions where they learned how to facilitate readings, healing sessions, and more.


xx Jeanne

PS Please contact me regarding the details and information for the up coming session of Spiritual Healers Course starting in April of 2016