Month: December 2015


Spiritual versus religious belief has been a common theme in the sessions and talks I’ve given lately. There seems to be some confusion over what it means to be in alignment with God, higher power or divine life force.And what it means to be religious.

I would like to clarify for you what I have been shown by my Spiritual advisors. First let me start with Spirit, this is the term I use of the energy that I connect with on the “other side”. Spirit encompasses any and all energy that is of and from GOD. Including your loved ones who have crossed over.

God essence lives within you, me and every other living being. The God spark in you is your spiritual connection. Religion is man made. Religion is where you go to honor your belief with other like minded people. No four walls can contain God’s energy. All religions that worship God are right.

One belief over another is not what makes or defines you in God’s eyes. Our spirituality on the other hand is what defines us.

Choice of using your spirituality is dependent upon you and you alone. Shutting off your connection leaves you in a lull causing you to feel alone and searching for happiness. Happiness as we know cannot be bought, given or taken. Happiness can be fleeting moments in time or feel nonexistent in your life when your spiritual connection is blocked or closed.

Why is it that searching for happiness can be such a struggle, while others seem to just have it?
Those who know happiness can be uplifting or annoying to those who struggle without it. Again, why is this so? It goes back to spiritual connection. Your spiritual connection is the lifeline to the happiness you have been searching for, the only difference is that with spiritual connection it is sustainable.

As I said earlier the theme of my clients and talks has been over religion lately. People who have turned away from their church for very personal reasons. Shutting off the spiritual connection to God out of anger, confusion, disbelief, distrust, disinterest or any myriad of reasons.

What I see, when faced with what I call “spiritual denial” is a soul who is yearning for answers. A soul that has lost their connection to their higher self or soul self. I see the vibrational energy around the person in a stagnant flow. The energy can have a sparky fiery feel, this tells me that the person has unresolved anger and thus has welcomed that anger into their life. ( what we reflect outward is what we get back) The common thread in these peeps are in their stories. They have turned away from religion for what ever their very good reason was. They are thus feeling the after affects of the spiritual denial. The life seems unfulfilling and or draining. Denying their spiritual hunger for so long that they don’t know that they are in fact seeking that purification you get from being in alignment.

What can you do to reclaim your God spark when you walked away or have no religion. I tell my clients start with a prayer. Prayer opens the heart in a new direction. Faith grows from the heart so it is the perfect place to start. Release your story or separation from the religion. Offer up a forgiveness to release the one thing that stands between you and your God spark.

As your heart opens, faith is restored, love returns and joy settles in. Joy in who you are, joy in the life you lead, joy for all that you have, joy replaces the low vibration. Joy is in the God connection. God connection aligns you to your soul self. (remember…what you reflect out is what you get back)
Joy is the happiness you are searching for.

xx Jeanne

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Spirits Calling card: When you see the intuition and guidance as a gift that is when your life shifts in alignment with God and the understanding of your Souls destiny.

You are an intuitive being, and are not alone. Everyone has the intuitive ability within their being. The gift of intuitiveness is exactly that a gift given to you to help guide you through our life. Intuitive insight is God’s way of reminding you of the unending love that is available at anytime just for you.

Fear can slip in though from others thoughts and belief systems that keep you from fully understanding the gift and use of your gift of intuition. The fear thought that it is against God, or even the work of Evil. Be assured though that it is the FEAR that is the lesser choice. Living with fearful thoughts creates a breading ground for more and more fear to enter in.
The clear difference between a low vibrational thought and a higher healthier vibrational thought is the fear tone within the thought.

Removing the fear thoughts by turning them into a love thought gives way for love thoughts to heal and replace the fear based thinking. When you do this practice of change of thought you are actually doing several things. For starters you heal the fear that keeps you from living in true or pure alignment with God’s Divine flow. You also begin to open your intuitive side with God’s love and allow all that is from God to flow through you. You also shift your energy in a higher healthier way that brings clarity to your life.

When the practice of love thoughts over fear thoughts is put into action we are flowing in the Divine energy flow allowing us to receive from the source.

Receiving symbols, signs and messages from the Divine flow offers us healing in many ways. Confirmation for one is God’s way of reminding you that he is indeed always within your being and in your life. When you receive a confirmation God is answering your concerns and questions. He is clearly offering love to take the place of doubt, worry or other fear based thoughts.

Your loved ones on the other side can offer you guidance as well. Anything that is from God can guide you through your intuition if and when you choose to open it to God.

Symbols and signs are beautiful ways to begin to see and hear the guidance of love and support from the Divine realm. Your loved ones want to support you and remind you of their presence in your life. Although their physical being is not here, they are in fact here in energetic form. Fear again can keep you from seeing this truth. Spirits calling cards are meant to remind you, to awaken your soul in remembering the original love God has for you!

Feeling your loved one around you gives you comfort, this comfort is healing the grief that would otherwise hold you back. Messages, signs and symbols are also healing tones. These healing tones can be your guidance, your forgiveness, your awareness, your connection to the soul self.

When you see the intuition and guidance as a gift that is when your life shifts in alignment with God and the understanding of your Souls destiny.

Some of the common ways Spirits energy will flow to you are:

Electronicsfrom clocks to radios Spirit can speak to you easily through electronics

License platesplates that speak a direct message to you.

Phone Hearing a persons voice who passed, receiving a call from a number of someone who has passed, phone ringing.

WordsSeeing one or a few words on a billboard, paper or mail.

SensesA heightened feeling through any of your senses of a familiarity of your loved one.

ObjectsFinding an object of your loved one, finding the object out of place. Seeing a similar object of your loved one in a store or others space.

These are all common signs your loved one is stopping in to saying hello.

It is my hope and prayer that you find comfort in your own intuition and the messages you receive from Spirit.

xx Jeanne

Moments Lost


Loosing your way happens so quickly, you may not even notice you’ve lost your way. You just know something is just not right. Being lost can leave you feeling lonely, sad even depressed. You can feel this way even though your surrounded by friends and family. Feelings of being less than slip in out of the blue. Your happiness seems far from your reality. You may smile your way through a family gathering, holiday, party or outing, missing the value of the Joy within moments you’ve just lost.

Being lost can come from a grief you are carrying around. Grief is complicated. You don’t just grieve loved ones or pets you have lost . You grieve lost childhoods, regrets, failures, illness, divorce, life events and or situations. Grief will always be there, but the energetic tone of it can lesson when we learn to recognize the pain caused from grief. Allowing yourself to move through  life after grief can take time and energy along with your willingness to rediscover a new way of processing and living with the grief.

Grief truths
Your grief is very personal and emotional.
You set yourself up to hold onto these griefs as reminders of your loss or because you don’t know how to allow yourself to release the grief.
Grief is never ending but can lessen in pain.
Grief is not you but a life event that you are working through.
Grief can offer you many lessens.

What you may not realize is that the grief that you hold onto has an energetic effect in your life and within your body. The energetic tone that runs through the body is the tone that you live in. Your life then is a reflection of the grief’s energy.

Becoming one with yourself, helps you to recognize and heal the grief.

The first step to recover the sense of who you are is awareness.

1.List the griefs in order of the most painful to the least painful your life.
Notice if there is any correlation to the way your griefs are listed.
a. Loss of a loved one then a divorce
b. Childhood trauma then an illness
c. Divorce then an illness
d. Trauma then a regret

2.Understanding the energy of the grief is the next step. A quiet mind is needed to reach the energy. Breath awareness helps quiet your mind. Breathe in through the nose into the belly for a count of 10, exhale out the nose to the count of ten, this helps you quiet the mind while connecting to the grief.

3.  write the tone, color or energy the grief has.
a. Anger can be red in color with a hot, sparky tone
b. Sadness can be yellow in color and be a withdrawn feeling
c. Loneliness can be pale blue in color and be an isolated feeling
d. Disconnect can be white in color and be a feeling of poor judgement

4. write down where in your body you feel the energy of the grief.
a. Loss is felt in my heart
b. Childhood trauma is in my lower back
c. Divorce is felt in my gut
d. Trauma is felt in my head

Healing can occur with our permission. Free will to heal. Inviting God in with prayer and an open mind creates space for healing. Releasing allows the healing to take hold. For every action there is a reaction.

Forgiveness is the foundation to all healing. Forgiveness frees the body, mind and spirit from the energy of holding on.


5. Now you can ask the grief what is needed in order to heal. Connect with the grief with pen in hand. Close your eyes and allow the breath to bring you to the center of the grief. When the connection is made allow the pen to write or draw any impressions that come forward.

Grief can be the catalyst for change and growth. You can move forward without missing the precious moments of your life.

My personal experience in helping my clients move through grief has been that when you are consumed by the initial grief the flow needed to live in the life is stopped. A stopped life creates space for more suffering in. A forward flowing life creates space for new positive growth to move in. This can be in the form of transforming a simple life to a life of service. Recognizing the grief, hearing the calling for change, inviting healing to take place are the actions to regaining your balance. Once the balance is in place Joy is welcomed back in.

xx Jeanne