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Goddess Tips


Goddess Tips

Male or Female the Goddess tips are all about you grooving, moving, living with Divine life force energy. The Goddess You is simply referring to the female tone or energy that is LOVE. That means the Goddess You is available to everyone.

Why is this you may wonder? It is because, you have both female and male energies that balance your well-being. The right side of your body being where your feminine Divine flow is. The left side of your body is what makes up your logic side which is the male flow. When in balance you will feel the stability of who you are and comforted by both logic and spirituality. When off-balance there becomes a disruption of either the Divine feminine or the Divine Logical masculine self.

The feminine Spiritual flow depends on your openness and connection to God. Belief, faith, prayer and consciousness are your points to a healthy flow.

When off-balance the connection to your Goddess self closes off or a block is created that… Click To Tweet The connection will become distorted over time when the Spiritual belief is questioned, broken or lost. This occurs when you choose to go it alone without God. This is not about religion, rather a pure belief and faith in God.

The Divine Masculine  Logic flow depends on your openness to learn in connection with God. Again, belief, faith, prayer and consciousness are needed with also a clear intention of connection to love.

When off-balance the connection to Logic becomes out of balance with Divine truth. Ego aka Shmego begins to take up residence in the thought system and fear blocks your connection to Divine Logic. Shmego takes over the thought system which controls the flow of health Divine Masculine Logic, without warning fear swarms your being, and the “I” will search in need for proof or earth-bound theories to satisfy the over active ego. Separation from God, religion and faith are what follows this interruption in energy flow.

How you can maintain your equilibrium of Divine Feminine and Divine Logical Masculine self  involves 3 of the Goddess You principles.

1. Quiet Your Mind: By turning off the constant chatter going on in your daily thoughts you will become mindful of what you are allowing and engaging in. You can illuminate in a quiet mind where love can be seen, heard and felt while also awakening how Shmego’s masculine logic tone has manipulated your thoughts and speaking to you.

2. Self Love: Returning to the self for the love you need and wish for will support your Goddess truths to come forward. You will also begin to live confidently knowing that the Divine Feminine & Masculine love is now your guide rather than that guy Shmego and his fear.

3. Changing Your Reactions: Healing how you react to situations both internal and external will lighten your energy. Choosing compassion in any given moment opens your Feminine Goddess flow.

Now you have the tools to shine your true Goddess self!!


Blessings xx Jeanne

The Challenge of Change



Have you noticed the warm days of summer seem to be slipping away as the cooler weather sneaks in to remind you that fall will be approaching soon? With any season change you can experience emotions that can send you off balance.

Change is one of most difficult things to manage because of how it challenges your energy. You can become feel emotional with feelings that don’t always make sense.

Maybe you are like me and going through such a time of great shifts and change and aren’t sure how to deal with the all that energy that arises during these times?

What I have found great comfort in is utilizing not only The Goddess You principles but also pairing them with Spiritual guidance, faith and God. I have also found that Divine support is the constant love available, reminding me that with heightened evolving energy comes great soul healing.

Sometimes when you experience challenging times you may feel as if there isn’t anything that can help you through and you end up repeating an old pattern that no longer serves you. Or, maybe you aren’t awaken to how playing the victim in your own life ends up hurting you far greater than the person who caused you the initial pain.

I am acutely  aware of how fragile the body can be during such times of soul transformation. As a Medium connecting to Divine source, I have learned valuable tools that will help you to take precautions to aide not only your physical body but also your mental clarity.

It is important to understand that you are here on earth to do the Soul work you are experiencing. Also, that Soul healing is always at play during these challenging times!

The truth is my Goddess friend while no-one likes doing this type of work it is actually far more rewarding than your mind thinks.

Going it alone never feels good and to be honest with you the fact is everyone wants to be loved and valued, yet we judge what we do not fully understand. The Angels have taught that you and I  are all on the same playing field, with each having pains and sufferings and life lessons to learn.

And, while it sounds so easy not to blame or look back at past events that Shmego guy sneaks in the second your body begins feeling low. He awakens when the energy of the moment signals your body where the memory is being stored.

If the first thing you could do when you experience pain was to open your heart to compassion and… Click To Tweet

The Angels say  though you may not believe it you ARE indeed strong enough to look your pain in the eye and learn the valuable lesson/lessons that is being presented to you. Your pain when healed will open the path for you to stand in your authentic soul truths.

Be the brave Goddess you want to be!

Highly Sensitive You

Hey there, you the one who feels everything.

The one who cries and doesn’t know why.

The one who doesn’t understand what you feel so you hide behind that thing that actually makes you feel something within.

The one afraid to go into large crowds.

The one who gets overwhelmed at the grocery store.

The one who feels scattered.

The one is unsure of who you are.

The one who picks up energy wherever you go … and I mean the good, bad and junkie energy from other people. You are the one I want to talk to, the one I want to share some amazing tools you can use to change how you feel right in this very moment!

I have a gift of connecting to the Divine realm, AKA as being a Medium. I am also an Emapath and an HSP. Although being an Empath is similar to being a Highly Sensitive Person AKA  HSP, there are a few distinct difference that tell these two gifts apart.

So what the Angels have shown me in the many encounters I have had with other HSP and Empaths is how to decipher the energy of both these gifts.

No matter if you are an Empath or an HSP it is important to learn how to work with your gift so you can function in the day-to-day life without the crash and burnout that comes with being you! You are an energy feeler so the more you understand about you and gather the right tools for living the easier it will be! And, when you slow down and pay attention to energy it can tell you a story of what’s going on around you. Why this is important is that when you are connected to energy in a healthy way, meaning through God, the energy can guide you.

when you slow down and pay attention to energy it can tell you a story of what's going on around… Click To Tweet

Let me share with you the top three traits that…

Highly Sensitive People share. 

1.Overly emotional to others energy outside their body

2.Scattered thoughts

3.Unable to focus

Empath’s share.

1.Sensitive to others energy within their body

2. A clear knowing and thinking everyone has this guidance

3. Can take on another’s personality

Now of course, there is more to energy and your gift than just these traits, but what I have come to see as the gateway to breaking down who you are is to understand where you stand within these top three traits.

Understanding your gift is just the first step, next is how to clear and protect your energy and vital well being.

Top three tools for clearing and protecting…

1. Prayer, surrounding yourself in God’s love everyday helps you to stay in your very own energy bubble and helps you to separate from energy you pick up.

2. Intention, setting a clear intention to stay in your energy field and within you body every day.

3. Mindful, being mindful of your thoughts they become your life. Keep them in tune with God!

Now you have the tools and knowledge to understand not only your gift but also how energy can be your friend!

Happy clearing!


xx Jeanne



Do you ever want to say what you are feeling to others but because time, energy and life seems to block the way you just don’t?

If you are like me a little dose of positive energy can make all the difference in your day to day routine and help you navigate through a challenging time. With that shared positive energy you also can be so much more productive with your time, be kinder to your peeps and share love with others.

Being kind is an act of generosity when we add in prayer with that act it becomes a miracle moment
. That is because love is Divine and Divine is God. Which means prayer is your connection to God and in sending your prayer through your kind act it is transformed into an act of love. Pretty cool right?!

Sharing your feelings with another is a great way to open your Chakra’s while being of service. That is as long as you are coming from the point of compassion and not of fear.

What’s the difference you may wonder… compassion lets you see the other from the standpoint of being equal to you, that is not above or below you. Compassion also lets you see that your feelings that need expressing maybe tainted with judgement, anger or resentment for the one you are sharing with.

Feelings are reminders of emotions that have connection points in time and events of your life. Compassion for self is your first defence at stoping a spewing of hurtful words that can seemingly fly out of you mouth.

Using your breath to connect to your feelings first, will help you adjust your tone, return to love and surrender those emotional connections to the past that take up space in your body.That is how your Chakra’s release old energy and balance out, thus keeping you in a higher vibrational LOVE!
With that my Goddess friend, I want to take a moment to say a big, HUGE,Thank You, for being uniquely YOU! I know you are a beautiful soul and I sincerely appreciate the time and energy you have shared with me by reading the blogs, following on social media and coming to events and sessions.



xx Jeanne

Yellow Bug Girl


Yellow Bug Girl

The Empathic part of my knowing started as I felt the feeling of overdose in my gut. Then, I saw the sign of charcoal, and, I saw the word ACCIDENTAL over my head. I knew then she, the yellow bug girl, was no longer here.

The girl in the yellow bug drove down the dirt road, passing my car on her way out to town. As she waved and smiled, I wondered if that was her new car and decided it suited her.
I find it sort of odd how you can live so close to someone and know who they are, yet not know them, the real them. What I knew of yellow bug girl was that she was kind and compassionate. She took care of others every day at her work. I witnessed her taking care of our Nana. When Nana was moved to the nursing home from her town to be closer to our home, yellow bug girl came in to the room with a smile. She was there to help Nana out of her wheelchair. I remember the feeling of being relieved after we saw yellow bug girl working that day, the fact that someone we knew was watching over Nana gave us peace of mind.
Yet, we really did not know her…

The phone woke me from a restless night’s sleep. It felt like I had just fallen back asleep when that call came in. As I sit here now, in my bed not sleeping again, I am pondering, not only about today, but also the past few years. My mind is flooded with memories of when I first recognized Spirit’s voice. How grateful I am for this Spiritual gift of talking through the veil to loved ones, Angels, and guides.

Jason was on the other end of the phone as I answered in my sleepy voice, he gave me instructions to wake his brother Casey NOW and send him to the neighbor’s house, someone was not breathing. Without thinking, I jumped up and scrambled out of our room yelling back to my husband to wait one minute. He was asking what was going on and I was on a mission to get the message to Casey. As I headed up the stairs calling his name, he came out of the bathroom with Riley, our 3 year old granddaughter. Riley had woken up early, knocked down the gate at her door, and was looking for toys with which to play. Casey had heard her and got up to see what mischief she was causing. Riley announced, “I have to pee!” So, Casey had escorted her to the potty just as I was calling his name. He grabbed his shoes and ran out the door. Riley came running out of the bathroom ready to start her day…. at 6:30 am! I scooped Riley up and went back down to my husband explaining what was going on. We both looked at each other knowing the severity of the situation.

Had I not been connected to Spirit a few years back when my youngest child Molly was struggling is the thought just in front of my face tonight. We can all be open to Spirit’s guidance. When honored and respected, our gifts can serve and heal. Our talents can help us create a life of balance and love. It can help us flow with abundance.

Abundance is free for all of us to receive.


My boys are Earth Angels. They serve their community and country by volunteering their time. I can remember when my oldest son became a firefighter. I was in awe of his choice to join the firehouse. I was not sure even know where he got the idea to become a fireman. He loved his firetrucks when he was little, though. He would call them “firefucks” with a Boston accent! We do not understand where that came from! Jason is a leader with heart.

Casey joined the firehouse a couple years later when he was old enough. Casey is strong in areas that amaze me. He instinctively knows how to separate his emotions from this work. He is passionate about helping others. Casey amazes me with his strength, compassion, and knowledge.

After we had heard the news of yellow bug girls passing, we talked to Casey about what happened earlier that morning when he was able to revive yellow bug girl. I asked him if it was hard because he knew her and her parents. He said in few words as possible, which is so Casey, that he separates personal feelings from work. He did a job and that was all there was to it.

Other members of the firehouse came that day. They came to support their fellow brother, they came because that is what you do. They have a code; follow and stand by each other. I am grateful for those men and for their code!

We prayed for our boy and for the girl he was trying to save. We prayed for her parents and her only brother.

My husband had felt her leave, but was confused when the ambulance left because that signaled that she was alive… I explained what the Angels had shown me. I explained that she was in between being here and being in the veil. Her body was brought back to life but her soul was not all the way in her body.

We stood outside as the firemen and their vehicles left. Her parents followed the ambulance. It was a scene and feeling I won’t soon forget.

Casey had done his job as if it were any other day. The yellow bug girl’s father came over one day to express his gratitude toward Casey. He wanted to thank him in person for giving the family time to gather and say their goodbyes. With tears in his eyes he walked away, he turned and said, “Is he okay? I want to make sure Casey is okay.” His expression of concern, the tears welling in my eyes, he spoke through his tears, “He knew just what to do, he came in, and knew what to do.” I nodded; a heartfelt yes.

Yellow Bug Girl may have overdosed, but she lived and she was a beautiful person. She had a life filled with confusion and some pain. She self medicated with different things that gave her the happy feeling for which she was searching. It was a false sense of happy, which never lasted long and had a crashing down effect afterwards.

In death she is at peace, going to spiritual school. She has a sense of balance she did not have on Earth. She is still smiling, but now is filled with love she did not know before. She loves her family and wants them to know she is sorry that they had to find her in that way which they did. She did not mean to take her life, it came with the not being able to stop herself.

In loving memory of the Yellow Bug Girl.


Intuition vs Ego


When Ego and Intuition get confused


There is a distinct line between ego and intuition you must be conscious of. First allow me explain the essentials of your intuition.

The intuitive voice is known as your voice of truth and love and is associated with the right side of your mind and body. It is through your intuition you can connect with Spirit to receive guidance and reassurance when needed.

Your soul is infinite, which means you have a higher soul-self or authentic self that is pure and free from fears energetic debris.

Your soul-self is the truth of who you are. Your gifts, talents and life path are better understood and connected to when you follow your intuitive voice.

Spirits voice will speak to you through your intuition. Spirit can also speak to you on its own accord. Spirits tone is of love, kindness, gentle as well as uplifting, hopeful and joyful.

Your intuition is connected with your Solar Plexus chakra. This chakra is where you get the gut feeling, knowing and sinking feeling when your higher soul self is speaking to you.

Spirits energy flows in through each of your energy centers. The crown chakra being the main connection point of the energy flow. Your intention to open your crown and your heart to Divine source is how to begin the connection.

To open your crown chakra set your intention with faith and willingness to surrender the ego voice.

Now, let’s move on to the facts about ego.

The ego voice is known as the voice of survival and logic and is associated with the left side of your mind and body. The ego voice can be the voice of reason but when off balance turns to a fearful tone. Despair, anger, judgement, isolation, egocentric and more become the way that ego takes over your thinking. Once your thoughts are corrupted with fears energy, it is very difficult to feel, live and know love truths.

In my book The Goddess You, I have named ego/fear Shmego. This guy Shmego is a tricky little bastard who takes the truth of love and joy out of your life.

The fine line between ego and intuition is fear.

Ego, by itself is logic pure and simple.

Intuition is love, end of story.

So when ego becomes contaminated by fears oppressive lies the line of truth is muddied up. Ego has now become Shmego, and that means intuitive clarity is gone. In place of the intuitive truth is now harshness, judgmental and righteousness.

Using the first principle in  The Goddess You, “Quieting the Mind” is how you can know if you are confusing ego with intuition!

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xx Jeanne

Spiritual Intuition


Intuition as defined by Webster’s dictionary states, it is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Intuition is within you, it is not outside of you. Intuition cannot be purchased, given or taken away because it is your Divine right as a living soul.

Spirituality is the connection to God, source, Divine that we acknowledge. Again as with your intuition, this connection is not outside of you, rather it is within your being.

Spirituality can sometimes be confused with religion. Religion is an outward source and way for you and others open the connection to God. Spirituality is your pathway for clearing the intuitive voice and to flow within the Divine source of love and truth. When you ignore the internal intuitive voice, you create what is called an energy block. This energy block over time grows and will continue to increase the more you ignore it.

The block is the reason so many people believe they don’t have intuition.

The truth is, every soul has been gifted this amazing inner guidance system.

Your intuition when open is not only the interior voice of your soul truths but also of Divine love.

How this works is when you open your spiritual connection to God, your intuition is then ignited with Divine love. Merging God source energy with intuition is how you will find your soul truths.

Many people go it alone, without acknowledging God. Or in choosing to call the energy the universe, earth energy, Mother Earth, or so on. The Angels have shown me that this isolation causes the separation from Divine flow energy to earthly flow energy. Why Divine flow matters, because it the significant component you need to connect with your souls truths, hear your intuitive voice and move through life with confidence and ease. Spiritual flow comes from your connection to God.

What I am saying here, is that to groove in your intuition and know your souls truths you will want to open your connection to God. I get that not everyone has a belief or wanting to acknowledge God, on the other hand the truth I have come to know that Angels Don’t Lie and by choosing to go it alone it makes life harder than it has to be.

Your permission and willingness to participate in connecting to God will open the Spiritual Intuitive flow! Your faith will keep the flow open and free from blocks. Fear aka Shmego does sneak in from time to time, telling you things like you can’t, you’re not worthy, and more  so you will need to be prepared to call him out so you can return to loves truths.

How you can decipher energy


Hi Goddess Gal

When it comes to knowing if you are picking up others negativity, feelings or sensations you first have to start with understanding your own energy and how your senses work.


Your senses tell a very unique story of how you hold and receive energy. They also help you tell if what your feeling comes from you or another.


To start you begin with becoming a detective of your feelings by breaking the feeling down through your senses and writing in a journal or notebook your findings. I call this the “Nancy Drew it” in my book The Goddess You, where you become a detective of your feelings and senses to better know yourself.

For more details click below to watch my video on how you can decipher energy. Be sure to tell me in the comment section how your energy  ‘Nancy Drew it” deciphering goes!

Watch the video here

Keep up the momentum of knowing your senses by practicing every day, the more you do this the clearer you will become on what energy is indeed yours and what energy you’ve been sponging up from others!


Destiny detective duty awaits you!

xx Jeanne

How your senses can enlighten you


How your senses Goddess Gal can enlighten you

How do you identify Goddess Gal what energy is yours and what you are taking on from others? This is the question that has been coming at me from all angles lately.

There are many common names lurking about calling people to question…

Am I an Empath?  Am I Empathic? Am I an HSP (highly sensitive person)? Am I a sensitive?

I think it’s easiest to slow down and leave the labels behind for right now and begin to decipher your senses.

The Angels have taught me how to direct and guide while using my senses. This is how I was empowered to decipher my truths from another and from fear aka Shmego

I will share with you those very tools and methods they taught me so you can start your journey and clear up your energy!

The one trick to connecting to your intuitive voice and the energy of the Divine and Angels is at first slow down and figure out how to take advantage of the senses we are born with.

In my book The Goddess You, I advise the reader how to go about using and understanding their senses in fun style. By offering journal prompts throughout the book that invite the reader to use their senses while journaling describing their answer in detail. This method helps them to further know all about themselves, its what I refer to as the 5 w’s, the who, what, why, where and when.

By taking your time to explain in detail you can then start to see how your body, mind and soul connect to energy. I call this method the “Nancy Drew it” method.

“Nancy Drew it is a coined phase by moi.” When you “Nancy Drew it” you become a detective by uncovering  all the hidden detail of the question at hand. Nancy Drew is a fictional teenage girl detective invented by author Carolyn Keene in the 1930’s book series by the same name.”

The question I get most is where do I start. My answer is to start at the beginning. Start to identify your energy by following The Goddess You principles and in doing so you will recognize what energy is yours and what is another’s.

Remember my Goddess friend, Rome wasn’t built in a day and this too will take time, dedication and practice. But I have faith in you and the Angels have your back, you’ve got this Goddess gal!!!


Blessings and Happy deciphering 🙂

xx Jeanne

Life, dogs, grief


Life, dogs, grief

A soul is a soul no matter if it is a furry friend or human. Sending your loved ones on their journey home with love, prayers and gratitude opens your heart even in the midst of sorrow.

Choosing to invite love of another soul back into your life is not a form or way to replace that souls place in you heart, rather it is a way to expand the heart.

The Goddess You  “Love is the constant. When you give your love to someone, you cannot take it away, for it is already there.”

I will share with you now how loosing my fur friends invited an expansion of love and healing to my life.

Tank came to our family one fateful winter day. My husband and I had been our annual trip of R&R after an unusually chaotic year. It was  January of 2012, and we were in need a break, big time! Let me recap 2011 for you, over the past year of crazy, my hubby going through turmoil with his business partner, I had chosen to close my shoe boutique in early February, our eldest daughter was married in the Spring and our eldest son’s wedding was in September, our next in line son graduated high school and was off to his first year of college in the fall, our youngest daughter was entering  her first year of high school, ohhhh and also our oldest daughter was expecting her first baby in November had moved in with us when her husband a Marine was deployed to Afghanistan in September.

In between all of our many happy and memorable family happenings our big pup Mighty Joe, an English mastiff was diagnosed with bone cancer after falling down some steps and breaking his leg in early fall. Joe wore a cast for a couple of weeks before falling once again from the unstable cancerous bones in his legs. Joe’s pain was horrible to watch, as we did our best to comfort our big guy with pain medicine and love we also guided his trips outside with a belt under his waist as we helped hold his weight and guide him so he  could do his “business”. After the second fall through things took a turn for the worst. Joe’s suffering was apparent in his lack of movement, our vet gently recommended we aid his journey and end his horrible pain and suffering.

Not being able to stand on his legs meant Joe could not move his large 210 lb body on his own anymore. We gathered together and agreed as a family to aid our Joe and end his suffering, not at all an easy decision but one we each believed was the right choice. We drove to the vet, Joe not being able to move his body any more my husband and boys backed my car up to the back deck and used a blanket to lift him from inside the house into my car, once at the vet’s office again they lifted Joe out under a big tree onto the lawn.  As our other family members arrived gathering around our Joe patting him, the vet administered the medicine. Joe slowly closed his eyes as he took his last breath with each of us by his side, sending him with our love and tears, keeping with us forever, his larger-than-life memory.

Tank was sitting there in his tiny bulldog puppy body. We were in Miami beach walking around, soaking in the last two days of our getaway. Our kids at home all nestled in from the wintery blast outside as we walk guilt free hand in hand restoring our energy for what life held for us next! There he was, a little brown and white pup all nestled in a glass enclosed window with tea cup puppies by his side. The shop was a small upscale puppy store the beaten track in south beach. Our kids had been all over the tea cup videos going around, so it was not hard for Brian to convince me to go into this shop, if only for a quick picture. Tank got up from his slumber upon seeing B! The owner took note and gathered the puppy up placing him on a carpeted area in front of us. I said this is a bad idea, remember no more dogs we both agreed. After Joe had passed our other dog Lovey had been crying, howling is more like it every day. The kids tried to soothe her with treats and love, but she missed her big guy as much as we all did. But now, standing here in the puppy shop filled with photos of famous people with their new pups and the owner shaking their hands I was scared! Scared I would have to take care of another puppy, scared that I would not have freedom to do what I wanted to do because I would have a baby to care for. I already was raising my 4 plus now aiding my daughter and grand baby I had lost my sense of self again. Such a struggle for a woman, a mom to be, or know herself. I was not ready to take more on, so I said Street, don’t get any ideas! we are only here to take pictures! He shook his head and new where I was coming from, but his heart swelled with love as the owner put Tank down he ran right into Brian’s leg head first, like a bulldozer. Brian got down on the floor and got all kissed up by this new bestie. His heart was fully invested, yet my fear was saying NO. We left the shop and headed to dinner. We talked over the details of the possibilities and agreed to sleep on it. Somehow, Im not sure of the details, its all but a blur we ended up back at that shop making arrangements to fly home with this new member of our family. We knew our kids would be thrilled! I like dogs, I just don’t agree to say I love them when they are puppies and in need of training and such. I realize now this fear and resistance came from not having a connection to my soul truths. I spent so many years caring for our children, foster children, friends children, children in my girl scout troop, children in my CCD class. I was lost in all the doing for others that the idea of taking care of someone or something else made me cry! But now seeing my husband standing there with Tank, the love in his eyes, the love in both their eyes, It melted all the fear away. Love can do that you know. I made myself laugh when we boarded our flight home thinking about how me the gal who wasn’t the dog lover was the one with a bulldog puppy in a crate as her carryon bag!

Tank was loved by most… he had a honey badger type of personality, he didn’t give a shit pretty much about anything or any house rule we set in place. My husband, loved his new rugged companion with his honey badger attitude to boot. He brought Tank to work with him where Tank took charge of his office and was the gatekeeper of the staircase letting everyone who climbed the stairs of his presence. Tank had his favorite people, and those who liked to harass with his bark and body tanking into them. My brother Paul, the dog whisper of all dog lovers adored Tank. His laugh over Tank stories still warm my heart with the love he had for that dog.

Accidents happen, they are just that accidents. Though they change you forever you can find peace, love and healing in the midsts of your grief. Tank taught our family many lessons about life, anger, and compassion.

Tank taught me to use my voice in a positive loving way to help others forgive and release pain and sorrow that comes from grief, and this action would help me heal the grief I carried. That  every soul comes into your lives for a reason, and if you are open to seeing with your heart rather than your fears, lack and guilt that your life will be forever changed with the compassion that rises from your souls core.

Tank with Brian the day we took him home
Joe dog when he broke his leg



Tank sadly passed away after trying to “Tank” into a moving vehicle, his attitude and essence will forever be etched in our families memories. Lessons I have learned from my fur friends have taught me to be open to inviting love in and expanding my heart without fear. That in loving my family and inviting pets in, I am actually healing  an old wound that created a fear around furry pals. And, finally the most important lesson of all, that just because someone calls my families new puppy a “replacement” I am all the wiser because I am choosing to expand my heart and love love love!

Fur friends are able to share their love from the other side of the veil, just as our human loved ones can. Open you heart and quiet your mind to see and feel them with you. They can also communicate through mediums or pet communicators to send you verbal messages reassuring you of their never ending love!!

Lessons you can learn form a fur friend

Love without restraints

Forgive every chance you  can

Snuggle more

Listen intently without adding your bark


Good-bye is never forever

Enjoy the scenery


How you can make a difference 

Become a Foster family for  a fur friend




Visit the elderly, homebound or ill with your fur friend



Listen in to my radio podcast  Angels Don’t Lie where I connect listeners to their fur friends and more here

If you know someone suffering with grief, please share this with them!

Ps  I would love to hear about your fur friends in the comment section below!


xx Jeanne